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Wildman Fugazi streams gameplay on youtube, Facebook, twitch , and mixer.

Come watch as I stream some of your favorite games. Chat with me and my viewers as we talk about everything gaming. Skype me or call me to talk directly to me. 

The Story


ZK Lounge is a nickname given to the area on Call of Duty Black OPS II cell block grief map that I used to like to chill in.  One of the guys I play with started to call  it the ZK Lounge and it took. If your familiar with the grief mode gameplay on BOPS 2 you might know the area as the honey hole. At that time my gamer tag was ZK Wildman. I have since changed it to Wildman Fugazi but I still like to chill at the ZK Lounge.

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Drop by anytime to check out what's going on here at the zk lounge. 

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ZK Lounge

Florence, South Carolina, United States

(843) 253-4453